About me!

A self-confessed bookworm, simply put. Not only because I like reading, but because books have given me the ability to do what I'm doing right now--Writing--something I absolutely love to do. Basically every rational thought that's in my head, the way I feel about things, almost everything has been bestowed with the written word. I can't imagine how my life so far would have been, if it hadn't been for books.

I've been a reader all my life. The ecstasy one feels at learning about worlds other than ours--it is insurmountable. Books always somehow seem know what I need. Peace when I'm angry, confidence when I'm low... they simply contain the magic to take me to completely another world. I love watching movies of the books I've read. It's just so cool! 

I had been losing count of the books I've read so far. They're just so many!! So I decided to put them down somewhere and the idea for this blog came along just as a 'Eureka factor'! Think about it, isn't it amazing? I will have the chance to re-live those books I haven't read since a looong time, since I will be posting my reviews here! Such FUN! :)

Oh yeah, the real stuff about who I am! A graduate student from Delhi University (not anymore) management student racking her brains while pursuing MBA (a thing of the past) book editor (for 2.5 years) business analyst; a reader since forever; a writer since, well, a long time; an amateur photographer since the last two three five years; nature lover; no-nonsense individual, zero tolerance for sweets (really. Except chocobar ice-cream, chocolate and maybe rasgullas).

Write to me at: journalofabookworm@gmail.com (preferred)

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  1. If I want any book, I think I now know where to come! :) thanks for such wonderful library of reviews :)

    1. Hi.. thanks for visiting. Would love it if it helps you in any way! :D

  2. I have written a book “The Redeemers” which has just been launched and finding its way to on-line purchase sites and book stores. The book is about prevailing corruption and malpractices and how a bunch of youngsters understood the gravity of problem and worked out a unique and meticulous plan to fight against the menace through some creative ideas and innovative thinking. While the book is issued-based, it has been weaved into a gripping and inspiring story. The book is extremely relevant in present day context. A link for a clip of the book is provided here below which would give the perspective of the book:
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