You know you're a bookworm when...

1. You feel lost when you don't have a book securely sitting snug with you in your bag.

2. You constantly make book references, even to people who wouldn't even understand what you mean.

3. You wish book characters were your friends in reality. Like, real reality.

4. You mentally compare the humans you come across in your life to random book characters. And yes, you do keep a lookout for someone who precariously resembles a character you have a crush on.

5. You arrange your books in whatever order you find best: by series, by author, by color, alphabetical, by size, etc. You re-arrange the same books in your spare time.

6. You collect bookish stuff, mostly bookmarks. But anything that makes you think anything bookish can also be found in your bookshelf. Or your bag. Or maybe both.

7. You might have been apprehensive about e-books and e-readers, but you'd still have experienced them both. Everything bookish has to be experienced. No exceptions.

8. You squirm at the thought of books made into movies, with changes, but you'll still be one in the line at the theater, on the first day. Even more so if you've read the book.

9. Before starting reading, you spend a little while admiring the book from all angles, the cover, the blurb, the comments. If you're like me, you'll also read the publishing details.

10. You don't fully open a fresh paperback, even when you're reading because you don't feel like denting the spine. While lending out books (if you lend out, that is), this is what you ask your friends to do too.

11. You really wish every single person would be allowed to breathe only if they're interested in books and reading.

12. You constantly feel like having friends who'd talk bookish to you.

13. You want your friends to read the book(s) you adore, but the thought of lending your books makes you squirm with unease.

14. You cannot tolerate dog-earing the pages, using pen over the pages, or any other activity that makes the book any different from how it was before.

15. You, of course like the smell aroma of pages. Someone like me could also have favorites. 

Yes, this too!
16. You might have this annoying habit of automatically making impressions of people based on the books they read. Someone reads similarly to you? *Respect*

17. You mark book-releases like they're festivals.

18. You would prefer books over any party, any time! 

19. You can't go into a bookstore and come out empty handed. If you do, you'd still have marked a book to be purchased later on!

Finally, you got excited seeing the title and read this whole thing through, mostly nodding your head because you know it's true. There's so much more I can think of, but I don't want to make this too long. Probably you could suggest a few more? ;) What is it that makes you a bookworm, then? :D

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  1. You know the part I agree with you most is the part where you write- 'getting excited over the title, reading the whole thing and nodding your head at most places.' :D

    I so absolutely agree, and I am a bookworm ^_^ *jumping inside*
    #ProudToBeABookworm :D :P

    1. Proud to know you! :D
      Since you identify with each point, I qualify you as one among the biggest bookworms I know. ;)
      Thanks for your sweet comment! <3

  2. Check all. I qualify.
    Yaaay :D

    And, I feel exasperated when people don't understand my Hunger Games references :3

    Keep writing :)
    Hopelessly Hopeful

    1. Ugh, ya. That's sad. I've now sort of shifted to making a lot of John Green references, more like, The Fault in Our Stars references. No one gets them. -_-

      Thanks for your comment here, bookworm! :D

  3. Oh Ashna, you have written the holy grail of bookworms all round the world :D Let's all be blissful among books.
    Happy reading :)

  4. Hi Ashna,

    Really nice post. Loved reading it..

    You can visit my blog on


    1. Thank you for visiting! :) Will hop on to yours for sure!

  5. So so true....!!!!
    I always sleep with a book next to my pillow.....have a habit of reading before I doze off :)

    1. That's an amazing habit Avina! Never let it go ;)

  6. This is sooo ME!!! *Certified bookworm* :)

    1. Hello! Welcome to my blog :D
      Glad to know you relate to it :)

    2. Thank U :) I love your posts....


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