Thursday, November 15, 2012

KOMF Prompt # 3: 'The Chase'

Knights of Micro Fiction is a bloghop hosted by Kathy (Imagine Today) and Jessica (Write. Skate. Dream) on the 15th of every month. They came up with it as a way to meet new friends, help build the blogosphere and (hopefully) spark some creativity. So, here's the prompt:

In 300 words or less write a scene where the main character realizes he/she is thankful for something.  Include the words "turkey" and "Mayflower" (this could be May flowers too or other creative variations).

                            The Chase

I squinted into the bright glare of the sun, the weather sending comfortable warmth all over me after the torrential cold rain of the South. Adjusting my black non-shiny leather jacket, cross checking all papers and ID, I flagged down a cab from right out of the airport.

“Where to, ma’am?” the cabbie questioned through his interior rear-view mirror.

“Minion Street, the Blake Fair entrance”

“Straight away? No hotel?”

Quite hospitable, these Northerners. “No. Straight away.”

An hour to pass. I used the time to pore over the papers the big baboon had stupidly handed over. Best (or worst?) thing about keeping important documents with partners-in-crime who’re natural boasters, they give the secret away soon. Don’t need much effort. A bit of smart talk would do. There was just one nagging thought, a code he didn’t reveal, without which we might just lose the game. It was 18 hours to Monday.

My phone beeped a call from base. Frank.

“Hey Frank”

“Hey. A half hour to target? You remember what he described?”

I couldn’t help smiling, despite the nerves. He’s as smart as one could get. I remembered the baboon talking through a mouthful of turkey leg, “You gotta find ‘im at the fair. Big as a buck, wavy black hair, wheat-skin Asian.”

“Yes” I breathed into the receiver. “But there could be anyone who fits the description.”

Frank smiled. I knew it, because of the pause and his breathing.

“Tell me Frank, what is it?”

“I got the code.”

A gasp escaped me. “What!”

It filled me with happiness. Mostly as I could connect. It was going to be easy. Look for a big guy with a mayflower, easy to spot. Mayflowers don’t grow up here. I’ll find him, show the papers, police ID, my name: Mayflower. Pretty.



That was really fun! If you're interested in participating, follow the links to the hosts' blogs and join in the hop! :)


  1. Wow that was really very well written Ashna..enjoyed reading it!

    I loved the detailed descriptions you have given to minute things here in the story..:)

    1. :D I'm glad you found it that way. Thank you!! :D

  2. Hi Ashna, there seems to be a problem with your blog - I can't read the writing, the colourful books take up all the page.

    1. Oh no. :/ That happens in some browsers. The same thing happens when I try opening it from the college computers, but I thought that's because blogspot is not allowed. :|

      I'll go through the settings again. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Hi Ashna thanks for joining us. Great post. I like how the tension is building as she's in the car and we find out she is looking for someone.

  4. WOW Ashna! That is just wow, I'll have to go back to the story class now. Really, none of my long-like-a-giraffe's-neck stories could match to this. I am totally and very pleasantly amazed :D
    I'm sure you're winning :D

    1. Your comment is one big morale booster! :D Thanks. But hey, I can't match your stories, okay? :)

  5. For the most part it was very well-written. Nice.

  6. Very nicely written, I liked the idea but the dates have passes. I will participate next month. I liked the plot you build up specially all the characters. :) I think your entry is a sure shot win :D

    1. Thanks Tanya! I'll be looking forward to see your participation next time :D



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