Review: Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

Rick Riordan
Author: Rick Riordan
Publisher: Puffin Books
Price: Rs. 299 (discounted to Rs. 209 at Flipkart)
Pages: 375

I found this title as a movie first, which I greatly enjoyed watching. As if on cue, I saw a book with the same title in a crowded stall at the Book Fair and immediately picked it up! If there's anything that makes me yearn for a book like mad, peculiarly, is the movie adaptation. I don't know why. The same thing that happened with Twilight. Anyway, as soon as I started reading Percy Jackson, I knew it's a one-of-a-kind book, something I'm going to absolutely love and that's going to hit my 'Top Favorites' list! And it did! :) I read the book in a trance, forgetting everything else in the mortal world, it was SO enchanting. Based on Greek myths, the book (the whole series, rather) is based on the life of Percy, who's the son of Poseidon!

Percy Jackson is a dyslexic twelve year old, with a weird affinity for funny events that happen with him, events that cannot be explained. He's changed six schools in the last six years, and now is at Yancy Academy, where he finds a faithful friend in Grover and an encouraging presence of Mr. Brunner, his Latin teacher. All's well until he's cornered by Mrs. Dodds, who turns into a Fury and tries to attack him. That's when things begin to really change and he finds out who he is- a half-blood. A demigod. Grover's a satyr and had been keeping an eye on him since some time and Mr. Brunner is actually Chiron, the wise centaur.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief book cover!

Percy's taken to Camp Half-Blood, where he finds out he's the son of one of the Big Three- the son of Poseidon, the God of Sea. However, Zeus's lightning bolt is missing, and he suspects Poseidon to be the thief and Percy, his accomplice. There's a threat of a war among the Gods if Percy doesn't return the lightning bolt by the summer solstice, which is ten days away! Percy's sent on his first quest, along with Grover and Annabeth, daughter of Athena, Goddess of wisdom, strength and strategy, to find out the lightning bolt from the Underworld (since they suspect Hades has stolen it) and return it to Zeus at Olympus (which is at the 600th floor of the Empire State Building!).

It's a thrilling tale as the trio set on the quest, encounter Furies, the stone-turning Medusa, Ares- God of war, a hotel that traps them inside for five whole days, Hades and the Underworld creatures. Percy's successful at the end, finds out who stole the bolt and why, dutifully returns it to Zeus, has a small talk with his father and helps his Mother get out of the Underworld and start living the life of her dreams! Happy ending! :)

This book's a great way of introducing Greek myths in an interesting manner to anyone who wants to know more about them. Written in an amazingly simple language, with elements of fun and humor, Rick Riordan fills the reader with the yearning to keep reading! I loved the plot, the characters, the simple way everything proceeded and the emotions enthused within the pages. Some reviews say there are similarities between this book and the Harry Potter series and I guess that's kind of true, but that cannot be held against it in any way. The similarities are just minor and there are a million other things that are unique to the series. I know I'm going to read every other book in the series too! :D

<Quotable Quote from the Book: "The real world is where the monsters are. That's where you learn whether you're any good or not"- by Annabeth>

In short, a truly enchanting, gripping and 'unputdownable' read! Recommended for teens, middle-schoolers and well, for anyone who's interested in Greek myths. I would also recommend it as a book for stubborn people, like those who aren't yet into books- they might just get into reading!


  1. Terrific recommendations! My review of the same title is my most popular to date, so there's definitely a large audience who loves Percy Jackson!!

    1. Sure there is! I loovveeed this one! And so so want to read the rest :)
      I read your fabulous review too! No wonder it's the most popular!

  2. Although I considered the movie just okay-okay, but after reading this review, I think the book reading experience would be far better than movie-watching.

    I'll just add it to my to-read list. And since Fantasy is my favorite genre so its kinda necessary that I should.

    Very good feedback Ashna. Loved the quotable quote section. :)

    1. Fact- books are always, ALWAYS better than the movie adaptations! And as far as I know you, I'm sure you'll love it! Thanks for the comment. :)

  3. Any PJ fan worth its salt would be PAINED to see the movie adaptation. The series is good, I love Greek Mythology in general. =)
    Only thing, Its written for the YA. So, I wouldnt be suggesting it to my stubborn non-reader friends! ^_^

    1. Right, books are so much better. Only if everyone knew :P
      I thought it would be interesting for stubborn readers because it's been told in a plain, enchanting way. My sibling isn't a reader, but he wanted to read this one when I made him read the first few pages. I took up the cue from that! :)

  4. a book even better than the movie i just loooooooooooooooooooooooove it

  5. i dont read much my teacher made me read it but this book i couldnt put it down this is the best since 2005 from alex

  6. this is the one where zeus , god of the sky, thinks that percy has stolen his lithting bolt-and making zeus angry is a ver bad idea because we can go up there so dont steal and just feel


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