Best Friends for Never

Lisi Harrison
Author: Lisi Harrison
Price: Rs. 225
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (some editions by Harper Collins too)

Recommended for: Young teens. And girls who love luxury brand clothes.

Coming across this book was totally random and the cover stating it as "THE #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING SERIES" was what made me pick it up. It's a chick-lit for young teenage girls, the second book in "The Clique" series, involving a group of super rich, or call that 'filthy' rich young girls (or brats) headed by Massie Block, seventh grader, who wants nothing more than being the top performer. In every single thing.

The Block estate has got Massie's dad's friend's family staying at the guesthouse and Massie hates the fact that they have to spend their dinner time with them, not to mention Claire, Massie's classmate who wants nothing more than join Massie's 'clique' so that she would be hanging out with the 'cool' gang. And Claire's ten year old pesky brother, Todd who's always trying to play mischievous tricks on them. After a nasty argument at the dinner table, where the luxury brand loving Massie calls Claire outdated and makes fun of her wearing sweats and Keds, their parents decided it's time to teach the girls to behave and get along with each other.

Massie overhears this and gets a devilish idea in her head. She got to know that a girl in her class has decided to organize a Halloween boy-girl party, something that's never happened before. Of course, it has to be Massie who will organize it and get all the attention, because it's her admirers and her friends that Massie loves beyond anything! She tricks Claire into pretending to be friends so that her parents agree to let her have the party. The plan works and the parents think it's a joint party by both girls and then Massie makes it clear that it's only her party, reducing Claire to sobs.

Best Friends for Never book cover
Anyway, a professional is hired and Massie gets whatever she wants for her party- ice skating rink, DJ, sweets stalls, tattoo artists and everything! Massie and her friends- Dylan, Kristen, Alicia (who call themselves the "Pretty Committee") decide to wear the same outfit to school that they were going to wear at the party. Gorgeous outfits, of course. There's one for Claire too, but Massie "forgets" to ask her to wear it. Anyway, they get in trouble at school and everyone but Massie is worried. Massie wouldn't ah-bviously be punished. Her dad donates huge amount of money to their school, OCD and they wouldn't dare punish her! But the school comes up with bad news- they're going uniform! Everyone turns to Massie with looks of loathing and she couldn't afford that! So she convinces the teachers to let them design uniforms and have a contest, to see who designs best.

For all the trouble, it's only Kristen who gets grounded (because she isn't as rich as the others and swaps her clothes on the way to school) and she doesn't attend the Halloween "Hell Freezes Over" party. Everyone seems to have fun at the party- even Claire who finds a friend in Cam, a good looking guy and they get along well. The story ends with a family dinner and everything being good and everyone feeling satisfied.
It's titled "Best Friends for Never" because Claire tries really hard to be best friends with Massie and her clique, but Massie is determined not to let her join her gang!

My take
It's a book that will be enjoyed most by girls in their early teens and those who love ah-dorable stuff like high end clothes and shoes. It's very descriptive, which makes visualizing the story very easy and that's what makes it interesting. The story and tantrums of a young girl, who feels complete with her gang and who cannot live without shopping. To me, Massie seemed the kind of girl who I wouldn't want to be with. I identify more with Claire, who has accepted how she is and doesn't care much about clothes. But to read about Massie gives insights into the insecurities and fears of those who are bullies. There are a few things which they are comfortable with, and they love to show it off. Sometimes I felt it's a little too descriptive, but I enjoyed reading it nevertheless. Felt kind of same when I used to read the Sweet Valley High series in school! 
Recommended for young teens!