Pink or Black

Written by: Tishaa Khosla
Price: Rs. 140
Publisher: Rupa & Co. 

Now, the thing that made me search for this book is the author herself. I read about this debutante writer and her book in HT City and was amazed to know that she's just eighteen! The same age I was about that time! Incentive enough to get up, search and read this chick lit novel asap! I wouldn't say I wasn't happy with it; a book by a teenager! I was greatly inspired. 

The book contains tit bits from the author's personal diary at school (Lawrence School, Sanawar), and her experiences- good, funny, embarrassing and weird- all compiled into a story of a young girl Tiana, who's set on a quest to "find" herself. Tiana is in a boarding school and as she progresses into high school, becomes a part of the 'cool gang'. The story revolves around Tiana's gang and the typical issues that make teenage life as it is, filled with havoc, fights, tensions over friends, exams, looks and what not! 

While her friends spend time worrying over how they ought to dress up for parties, Tiana's busy thinking about "finding" herself. What created this feeling at all? A teacher once asked all students to say a few lines on themselves and it was a reality shock for Tiana that she was not even aware of things as simple as her favorite food! (stop looking surprised, I bet even you don't know). That got her going and she started with penning down things about herself as and when she understands them. In her quest she comes to know that there is always the power of "choice". She doesn't need to do anything if it isn't what she wants. She refuses to drink at parties, even when she's made fun of; she refuses to have to go around with a guy just because every girl around is going. 

The story goes on in a similar fashion, with instances from her life at boarding school, at home and with her gang (Leila, her best friend; Karam, Leila's brother; Sid, Tiana's brother; Bella, Tiana's friend; Veer, Bella's boyfriend who creates misunderstandings between Bella and Tiana). The turning point comes when Tiana consciously exercises the power of "choice". At a night time party, she again refuses to get drunk, unlike her friends. She is uncomfortable when it's time to go- the driver is drunk, and everyone else is too! Her intuition overpowers and she decides NOT to get into that car and calls up her brother, asking him to pick her up.

As the others drive away, Tiana hears a loud screech of tyres and horrified, watches as the car with the friends she loves, starts rolling over and ends up completely smashed! A typical case of drunken driving. The incident leaves Tiana shocked and in bed for many days. Though all her friends survived the crash, they were badly injured. A learning lesson for everyone, especially Tiana, who knows she was right. It's your choice that matters.

What's special
The simple way it speaks of the incidents, the dialogues, all are realistic; something that almost every teen would be able to relate to. The message it gives is so strong- that of individuality and personal choices, of believing in yourself and following your heart. The ending message was my favorite- Tiana is happy about everything, but the only thing that's bothering her is the confusion between two colors, which one should be her 'favorite'? Pink or Black? She likes both of them! 

Her mother answers her- "That is because our favorite colors have something to do with our personalities too. Pink is just one side of your personality, the side which loves life and wants to live it happily. Black is the other side of you, the stronger side which gives you hope and strength to see you through rough patches. There are so many beautiful colors, why choose only one as your favorite?".   
Isn't that a "woww" answer? I could totally feel what she meant! Pink and Black are my favorites too! :D

Recommended for teens who want inspiration from the author, and for those looking for an enjoyable light read. 


  1. Hello Ashna,

    I was just searching for blogs about books and I came across your blog and its really great! I was surprised to see that you have reviewed my book as well. Its always good to read a good review. If you don't mind I would like to share this link on my official facebook page if its all right with you-
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    1. Hi! I'm so glad you came across this. Sure, please do! :)

      I'm actually looking forward to your new book as well. I've applied for a review copy at as of now. Hope I get one!

    2. Thats great.. I am sure you will get it and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

  2. I'm just surprised but nice to see review n comment for pink n black. May god be with you.

  3. Welcome- Even i do exist on blog Mostly about marketing n strategies!! :)

  4. helo... both the books r really awesome...i hope u write more books like this...m waiting for ur next books too...:) :)


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