Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler

I remembered having seen this book in the library I used to visit a few years ago. I also remembered that I had wanted to read it back then--just look at the cover! (What? Book covers rule.) Back then, and even now when I finally got around to reading it, I thought it would be a bitter-sweet high school romance, which is something I could totally handle.

But what actually happened was this:

Me: Ooh... Hudson (the lead female protagonist) isn't just a damsel in distress. She has dreams and she has guts and she's gonna break through barriers to achieve her goals. The romance part is just going to be a part of it.
*a few pages into the book* Me: Hudson bakes such amazing cupcakes. I took 2 years to learn how to bake a basic sponge cake. She's a cupcake pro already! Must learn to bake cupcakes.
*reads some more* Me: Y'know... What happened to Hudson and her family doesn't really seem fair. Why isn't her mom cooperating at all? AND how can she be okay when ill-behaved customers at her diner are teasing Hudson and the other waitress (what's her name?). Ugh.
Me: Wait... why's Hudson behaving like such a selfish and silly brat when it comes to cute guys? Wh- what is she even doing?!
Me: Oh-kay. This Hudson is not the one I began the book with. Plus, everyone speaks the same kind of Oh-I'm-cool lingo. What happened to plain ol' English? This is too fast and too boring and doesn't make me FEEL anything. Bye-bye book.

I don't know what happened in the second half of the book. The premise was so promising. It totally should have been a young girl's rise from the ashes and kicking ass in ice-hockey, but it was too long a story to hold interest and the said young girl started behaving so unlike herself and so much like a typical high school book-girl (who, I don't know why, resembles someone from Mean Girls and the like).

You could give it a try though. Perhaps I got too influenced by cupcake descriptions at the beginning of each chapter and expected too much out of a young girl. Maybe you have the patience and perspective to understand whatever was happening. Have you read this book? How did you find it? Tell me!