2013 Readings and Challenges!

A very Happy New Year readers! Hope everyone is having a great start to 2013 so far. I've been spending time curled up with books, under warm blankets in this chilly winter! (And yes, thank you holidays!) So far, so good. ^_^

I don't usually take up many reading challenges, specially the formal ones hosted by fellow bloggers. In fact I've taken up just the Goodreads challenge ever, that too last year. It was amazing, by the way. I've never read as many books in a year, one after the other, before. Book blogging has been the best thing for me in 2012! I love each and everything I've come to know/do because of it. :)

So, last year my Goodreads challenge was to read 50 books in 2012, which seemed like a huge thing to me back then, but hey, I ended up achieving the target gracefully, with 10 books in surplus! :D *dancing* This 'completed' badge looks so cool! In case you want to see the books' list, click here

So this year I'm going to increase the reading goal up by a notch, not much because I did a little bit of evaluation and found that I actually wouldn't be getting any summer vacations this year (hello internship). So that means all reading to be done along with college and internship and then college again! And it's going to be busy, I suppose, what with final placements towards the end of the year and stuff. Yikes! So for Goodreads Reading Challenge 2013, it's 55 books. I do hope I'm able to over-achieve it, and I think I will!

Next, I think this year I'll spend some time with the good old Classics. There was a time a few years ago when all I read was Charles Dickens and well, whatever was available in the school library. Then with the Kindle, I downloaded a few classics I had always wanted to read and this year I'm going to go and read them. To begin with, I've started with re-reading The Secret Garden by F.H. Burnett, which happens to be my favorite classic! *Awesomeness* 

Also, I'll go back and take those books out from the bookshelf that're just sitting there waiting to be read since ages! Some of them haven't been read because of review-books-preference and some that I got from thrift shops just-like-that are even further back. Hope I read them all this year! 

I'm thankful to 2012 for being an amazing year when it comes to blogging. I can't even begin to think how much it's made me learn and do stuff I never thought I would. A great, big thank you to all the lovely followers and readers too! You motivate me to keep right at it with gusto! Sure, a year definitely can do a lot to a girl! ;)

What are your reading goals and challenges for this year? :) 


  1. Wow girl.Congratulations!! I am planning to do a 2013 reading challenge too. This would be my first time. I haven't decided on a number yet. Last year all I could manage was 18 books. I am like an ant in front of you! Good luck with the reading and life in general. And a very happy new year to you :)

    1. Last year was also the first time for me! I guess the number doesn't matter as much as completing the target does :D Good luck to you! Keep reading. :)

      A very Happy New Year to you too! :)

  2. This sounds so so interesting! Reading Challenge..wow!
    Though generally I shy away from challenges, I am definitely gonna take this one up.
    And yeah..congratulations and all the best!

    1. You definitely should take up a challenge! It's fun :)
      Thanks a lot for your wishes and best of luck to you too!

  3. Curled up reading books is a great way to start the new year. Good luck with your challenge, it sounds like you'll be really busy this year. Some of my challenges for 2013 are to read 105 books and to read 30,000 pages.

    1. Whoa! That's a lot of books! All the best to you! :)

  4. Hi Ashna!!! Congratulations!! Wow, you amaze me ◠‿◠
    I managed to read 25-27 novels this year :P that too in two months, hehe, it's so fun to put off studying and then reading ,hehe :D
    The best part of this year was being introduced to Meg Cabot books!!I'd just preconceived that those books are all overly girly and cheesy and not my type, but guess what, I was wrong!!!

    And, Secret Garden? Oh.My.God. Is this another coincidence or what, IT'S MY FAVORITE CLASSIC TOO!!!!

    I'm totally looking forward to this year... college days are gonna start and Ill be moving out.. and a lot of room for reading and writing!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR ASHNA!! May you succeed in every challenge that you take up ;)

    1. Hey Preetika! Girl, 25-27 in two months? OMG! You sure have speed! :D
      Is it some crazy coincidence or what? We like Meg Cabot and The Secret Garden too? Awesome!

      Happy New Year to you too! Hope you have awesome fun in college and read more than ever! :D

  5. :D

    Wow..this surely looks cool and I am sure like this year it will be a cakewalk for you !

    I also have taken up this one after last year's success -if it can be called that I mean. . . ;)

    Thanks to you this year I have loads of Jodi Picoult in my to be read list which I am looking forward to like anything! I can only nod my head furiously to your lines where you mention about books just being there on racks as review books took preference. Waiting to grab mine too soon.

    All the best and ofcourse happy reading :)

    1. All the best to you too! :D

      I hope you have fun reading all those in your list (which is too long for me ;) )

      Happy New Year! :)

  6. Hey Ashna, I am glad you overachieved your target. And that badge sure looks cool. I did not get that :( but in my defense, I had a toddler to manage, which leaves me with only about an hour to read really (more whining!)
    Anways, I second your point about picking the fab books languishing on our shelves because of the review books. Of course, I love those review books but I love my on-the-shelf books too. They have been bought with much thought and consideration. I read few books last year just out of guilt.
    And hey, all the best for this year - for reading and otherwise :)


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