Word-O-Logy Wednesday!

Tanya, the blogger at Coveted Dreams is hosting a fun game about associating things with a set choice of words! Write whatever first comes to your mind, that's the essence of the game. Follow the link above to know the rules of the game and all 55 words, 10 of which we've to choose for the word association.

I know I've been only posting book reviews for a while now, no fun stuff. While it is very tempting to post random words/phrases that jump to my mind, I thought I'd give it a twist. I'll write the name of whatever book immediately comes to my mind based on the 10 words I choose. The chosen books would be those that are related to, or themed according to those words! :D (Though there might be better ones, but I'll be posting what came to mind first).

Friendship: Harry Potter series

Life: Incarnate 

Love: The Last Song 

Fashion: Being Nikki

Hills: Jump

School: Belle Teale 

Pink: Pink or Black 

Black: Which Witch

Women: Little Women 

Dreams: Peter Pan 

I'll explain why these books!

Friendship: Harry Potter series (J.K. Rowling)
If Harry, Ron and Hermione aren't the best role models for friends, I don't know who else is!

Life: Incarnate (Jodi Meadows)
Ana isn't supposed to be born, she's a new soul, unexpected, supposedly taking the place of one beloved soul. How better to learn the meaning of life from one whose life is seen as a mistake?

Love: The Last Song (Nicholas Sparks)
I finished reading this today and contrary to what people say, it's not only about first love. It's a lot about love in a family, which is why I loved adored this book so much! It made me cry, and not just once.

Fashion: Being Nikki (Meg Cabot)
This book is the second in the Airhead trilogy and is based on the life of a geek-stuck-in-the-body-of-a-super-model (click on the link to read my review, you'd understand!). A lot of stuff about modelling and fashion, apart from the main story.

Hills: Jump (Elisa Carbone)
A story of two teenagers who love rock climbing! A lot of hills and rocks here!

School: Belle Teale (Ann M. Martin)
A small school in the countryside, a little girl in class five, a time when migrants are coming into the country, but not well received. Belle Teale's school is now open to kids from the Negro community and it's a story of how Belle Teale perceives and copes with the racism and unfairness.

Pink: Pink or Black (Tishaa Khosla)
A young debutante's book, based on a girl's life in a school hostel, who is on the path to self discovery and who learns the meaning of life from a scary incident!

Black: Which Witch (Eva Ibbotson)
Among the first fantasy books I read. It's about witches who essentially perform black magic, which is what they're proud of. In fact, a young witch who's white, tries hard to perform black magic in order to be accepted!

Women: Little Women (L.M. Alcott)
Again, among the first books I remember reading and re-reading. A classic based on a family where the dad is gone off to fight in the war and calls his daughters 'Little Women'. Quite some story! :) 

Dreams: Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie)
Neverland! Dreams! Famous quote from the book, “You know that place between sleeping and awake, that place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always think of you.”

Cool, right? :) If you wish to participate, check out Tanya's post and add your link to the list! :) 


  1. Excellent choice of words. You related every word with such prudent manner :)A thoughtful association, the way you explained your book selection is super cool! Thanks, take care :)

  2. This looks like a lot of fun and I enjoyed your first word association! I agree with Tanya too. Explaining your book selections is a great idea especially since I hadn't heard of some of these before. Have a great week!

    1. @ Tanya: Thanks! I enjoyed this! :)

      @ Shirley: Thank you! It is fun!

  3. Brilliant take, Ashna! Liked the way you introduced the books here!:))

    1. Thank you ma'am! I thought of it as I started writing ;)

  4. You are one talented lil girl :)
    Loved the way you described why each word is associated with the other.
    Bravo my dear!

    1. Thanks so much Ani! Glad you feel that way :)

  5. Super choice! Or rather an obvious display of talent by you. :P

    I have to mention that my favourite from above was Dreams one. :)

  6. Superb!! Excellent!! and Intellectual... :) Ashna...

  7. Loved these replies!

    And yes I agree Harry Potter has redefined friendship.
    Nicholas Sparks is sheer magic...<3

    Very innovative way of taking up Tanya's prompt!

  8. it was awesome to see how you could relate Words to an entire book and bring down its meaning.. :)

    1. @ Madhavi, Domesticgodess-nextdoor, Sravanth: I'm so glad you guys liked it! Thanks a lot for commenting and welcome to my blog! :)

      @ Me: I know, and I've read just one book by Sparks! Thanks! I'd like to see you too participating next time :D

  9. Three cheers aashna..wonderful choice of words!

  10. Quite interesting! Sad that I missed this :/

    1. I think it'll happen again! You should participate then :)


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