TGIF # 3: Book choices!

TGIF is a weekly feature hosted by Ginger of GReads, where she proposes a bookish question to which we reply on our blogs! This Friday's question is,

Choose Your Next Read: How do you go about choosing 
what you read next? Do you have a schedule you follow, or do you read whatever makes you happy at the moment?

As you might have noticed, I haven't been participating a lot in TGIF, but this week's question is so good, I couldn't help posting my response!

I usually buy books that somehow catch my fancy. Maybe if I bought them from a bookstore (impulse purchases), I'd have liked the cover and description and that would have been the factor for selection. Otherwise I buy them online based on recommendations, personal taste, great reviews on other book blogs (oh yes, that's a major factor!). Then comes the task of choosing which one to read, when you finally have them on your shelf. I guess I choose the ones I'd been the most excited for, first and read the rest in the same way. If it's a series, it goes one after the other (unless it's so boring that I'd have to take a break in between!). 

Otherwise, if I just feel like reading something and go up to the shelf with a lot of options to choose from, I'd pick up whichever I think I'd find the most interesting. Or the one that had many great reviews! Also, if I have books from the library, I'd rather finish them first because one, I hate giving fines, and two, I hate returning books without reading them! 

Then, if I have a book received for review, I'd always try to go for them first. Makes sense, right? I don't like putting off things that need to be done asap. But yes, I do tend to get swayed by emotions and grab that book I've been wanting to read, hoping I'd finish it soon and get back to the required ones! (Admitting!) I'll tell you what's happening with me these days. With the new, busy schedule (okay, I promise this is the last time I'm saying this, won't mention it again! :P) I'm honestly having less time to read books than I'd have liked, as there isn't a single freaking day we don't have homework! But I somehow do manage to get around to reading. (Or seriously, how would I be breathing? or acting like a normal person. Okay, almost normal person!). It's also very recently that I've started receiving books for reviews, so I'm actually spending time with those, rather than the ones that have been there on the shelves for a while, however much I'd love to. Because well, priorities! ;)

At this point of time in my life, I'm reading the ones I'm supposed to review first and if that list exhausts before I receive more, I might get to my shelf and read a bit of fantasy that I'd wanted to read for so long! How do you choose which book to read next? Do you have priorities, or you get swayed by 'feelings'? Tell!


  1. I'd mostly pick the one I had decided to read next, based on how much I had waited for it or how much I am excited about reading it.
    Though there are still two books which I've picked innumerable times to read, but fell asleep within minutes of starting them. And then I pick them again and reread the beginning which I have literally learned by heart now.


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