Recent Book Grabs # 2!

My books list has been growing a bit and I thought it's about time I put down this post after all! The last post was 1 and a half months ago, so the books I'm listing are the ones I've grabbed in the past month! I'm actually very happy with the haul, since most of them are pretty awesome! Tell me if you've read any of these as well, and what you think about them! :)

Wow. They look amazing, right? I loved each of the ones I've managed to read. Most of them are from the library and they were the awesomest ones! Here's the list! (Click on the titles to go to the books' Goodreads page)

Angels and Demons, Dan Brown: The only one in the Robert Langdon books I hadn't yet read. I know it's really great and nominated as the best one by some friends, so I picked this one up! Haven't read it yet, though.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach: Recommended by a great lady in Chandigarh who loves reading too. I liked this one. It's really simple, has great depth of meaning and is different from the usual motivational books. 

Easy Marks, Nancy Drew Case Files, Carolyn Keene: Hehe.. let's just say I like revisiting this series. I think I pick up a Nancy Drew book wherever it's on sale. ;) I love it like anything! Did I mention I wanted to be Nancy Drew when I was a kid? 

The Story of My Life, Hellen Keller: (Non-Fiction) I really want to know more about this amazing woman! Not read this one yet.

Iliad by Homer: I hadn't ever read it, but wanted to try it out. Turns out I ordered a book that's filled with critics' remarks and interpretations, while I was looking for the complete, original version. Anyway, next time. 

How to Read Faces: (Non-Fiction) Impulse purchase, since it was on a great sale and I thought it'd be cool to know 'how to read faces'. It's so thick a book, I haven't gotten down to reading it yet! I mean, if I have fiction as an alternate choice, I always pick that first! 

P is for Peril & O is for Outlaw, Sue Grafton: I had read a Kinsey Millhone mystery earlier and liked it, so picked these up when I saw them at a thrift shop. Haven't read these yet, either. (If you missed it earlier, I've started with my Post Graduation college and it's extremely hectic).

A Little Princess, F.H. Burnett and Rip Wan Winkle, Washington Irwing: Again, hahaha! But I really loved these when I read them years ago, so I picked 'em up from the thrift shop too!

Made a collage of the books!
Witchlanders, Lena Coakley: A fantasy, YA book about two classes of witches, the Witchlanders and the Baen. It was interesting, though it got better only towards the second half of the book. 

Belle Teal, Ann M. Martin: A book on racism, told from the perspective of a ten year old girl. A deeply touching, heart moving story. Loved it totally! 5/5 stars!

The Secret Life of Bees, Sue Monk Kidd: Just an amazingly amazing, highly recommended book! Read my review here.

The Ghost's Child, Sonya Hartnett: Liked the cover and description and it's a small one! Haven't read this either! 

My Sister's Keeper, Jodi Picoult: I can only say it's a must read. It moved me, turned my insides out, flipped the way I knew things and made me cry (admitting. Really) towards the end. It's awesome. 

The Namesake, Jhumpa Lahiri: I realized I should at least have read famous Indian authors! 

The Kashmir Shawl, Rosie Thomas: I was getting my library membership renewed and there was this 'rotate the wheel' thing for new memberships and renewals and guess what I won? Yeah, a book! :P

Received for review:
The Clockwork Man, William Jablonsky: Received from! A story of a man made entirely of clockwork. Read my review here.

Poor Little Rich Slum, Rashmi Bansal and Deepak Gandhi: A non-fiction book on entrepreneurship, exploring with clarity the truth about Dharavi, considered Asia's largest slum and how its residents are  people with a motive. Read review here.

Underworld, Meg Cabot: The second book in the Abandon trilogy! Read my review here.

There were also a few freebies I grabbed from, which I'm not mentioning here! Time constraint! :| So, which books did you get? I'm at a point where I've to really struggle for time to read, and this has been affecting my blog too. I might not be very active, but I'll try my best in keeping up as much as possible! :)

PS- I hope that collage picture doesn't make you want to beat me up. I seriously wanted a quick fix, instead of putting up individual pictures.

PPS- I received a few blogger awards recently, including three Liebster blog awards!!! I know I haven't posted about it, answered the questions and nominated more blogs for the awards. Makes me sound like an unworthy candidate, but I promise I'll do that soon!


  1. "how to read faces" looks interesting....Waiting for a book review and tell if it really helped :P

    1. Haha! That's why I got that one. But I know it'll stay unread for a long while... there are fiction books I want to read first. :)

  2. Dont tell me you have read so many of them in just one month. OMG!
    Here I am reminded that I am following a real book worm.

    1. I read almost everyday! It's something I'm addicted to ;) I haven't read all of these! Just those where I've mentioned I've read. Thanks for reading! :)

  3. All of them are FAB - though I have read only a few of them. My favourite of this lot is The Namesake. I simply love reading it again and again. I have even watched the movie a dozen times...

    waiting for your reviews on the others as well!!

    1. Oh cool! I'll read The Namesake soon! I'm glad you love it so much. :) Thank you for the comment! :)

  4. That's quite a haul! I feel inadequate because I see a few classics there but the only one I've read is A Secret Life Of Bees. I liked it.

    How To Read Faces? That sounds pretty useful!

    1. Hehe.. yeah! That's why I got that one! And I loved The Secret Life of Bees. It was awesome! :)

  5. I read Angels and Demons a few years ago and thought it was pretty good. And of course I've read My Sister's Keeper (I'm a big Picoult fan).

    It's pretty neat that you won a book from your library!

    1. I've just read one book by Jodi Picoult! I'll be asking you for recommendations! :) Yeah, they had all sorts of goodies, but my pointer stopped at "book" :P

    2. I've read most of Picoult's works except for the most recent two. Handle With Care is one that I really enjoyed.

  6. Visiting your blog for this 1st time. Like the background and overall design. Of your list, I've read Namesake and Angels and Demons. Namesake was really good. Angels and demons is entertaining, fast paced read.

    1. Welcome to my blog! :) Hope you find it useful. I know, I really want to get down to reading Angels and Demons! :)


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