Behind the Blog # 6: On colors!

Behind the Blog is a meme to help bloggers connect their life and interests to the content showcased on their blog. The co-hosts, Faye, Kathe, and Melissa will provide a different topic, idea, or question every week that bloggers can relate to themselves and the books, films, or other media they find interesting!  
Did you know that colors have meanings attached to them? Some say that a person’s favorite color can be indicative of their personality or things that they are striving for in their lives. What is your favorite color? Do you think that the meaning behind your favorite color reflects your personality or something that you are trying to achieve? What is your least favorite color? 
In relation to books: What are some books you’ve read that have good use of color? Are there any films you’ve seen where color plays a major role in the plot?

Ever since I can remember, I think my favorite color has always been Pink, the staple color for most little girls. Except that I'm not a little girl anymore, but I can be very stubborn when I come down to it. I guess that aspect has made its effect on my favorite color remaining the same since forever! I mean, what's wrong with liking pink? I've had people smirk at it and to tell the truth, I've grown even more attached to that color because of that! Why does it seem immature, if I like it? It isn't. It's just a pretty color! And it isn't even consciously that I find myself attracted to all things pink.

Otherwise, how would you explain this? Almost half of the clothes I own are in different shades of pink or have some little pink in them, most accessories are in shades of pink, my room's pink and not just one pink, but the walls have three different shades of pink! Obviously, to match the colors, I usually have the bedsheets, etc in a matching shade. I've got some books with pink covers just because they looked attractive. It's just a fact, I'm obsessed with everything pink! 

Now, I don't know much about what colors symbolize and why we're attracted to certain colors more than others. So I just Googled a bit and whoa! I found out so much that made me both, 'yay' and 'ouch' in equal measures. I guess there's always a positive and negative inkling with everything. Anyway, a few short points collected from different websites: (references at the end of the post).

-  The color pink usually serves two purposes.  It can be used to show childish innocence, or a child-like personality.  For example, you want to remain a child. You get pleasure out of very simple, and 'childish' things.  Even so, you also would like to grow up and become an adult woman… but you're afraid of losing your childhood innocence.  Pink is normally a color associated with girls and femininity.
You know what, just this paragraph describes me perfectly. 

Having a personality color pink as your favorite color means you are loving, kind, generous and sensitive to the needs of others. You also have maternal instincts and your deepest need is to be loved.
Oh boy. They caught me on that 'deepest need' part. I didn't even know it was true, but giving it some thought, it most probably is. Anyway, it also means I can be immature sometimes, which I admit, I can be. 

Even though I'm obsessed with Pink, I've also always been fascinated with Purple! I think I read somewhere, when I was a kid, that purple is the color of royalty. That must have been the trigger for me to love purple! I've always loved all things royal, be it princessy books or TV shows or gowns or costumes! I mean, when Prince William married Kate Middleton, I watched the whole marriage ceremony on TV, from morning till evening; every bit of it. It just fascinates me! When it comes to designing or decorating anything, my top choice for color is pink, but when it doesn't do, it has to be purple. I found this very true piece on purple:

If purple is your favorite color you have a great respect for people but can be arrogant: Absolutely true!

Mysterious is a word that describes you perfectly: Perfectly true!

You like power and royalty and wish to enlighten others with your wisdom: Need I even say anything? 

You are a faithful partner but can be cruel with your words: Damn! It's a sad fact. Not that I've ever been a partner, but sometimes I can speak harshly. :|

Others can mistake your desire for all things to be sophisticated as being intimidating: Seriously? Is there anyone who thinks I'm intimidating? C'mon, just tell me! I said, just-tell-me! NOW! :P

Creativity is something you pride yourself in, though you may not be good at artistic endeavors (such as drawing or painting): This actually cleared my thoughts. I had been wondering why I like 'uniqueness' and creativity, but I'm not exactly a person with many creative ideas.

You tend to be sentimental and have a great amount of empathy for others: Agree. 

It's not that I don't like other colors, I guess I like every other color too, just not so much that I'd want it to be my room color ;) But generally, I love color everywhere, especially when it's where it belongs. Like the different shades of green in plants and trees, the calm blue ocean, the brown and green and sometimes white in mountains, the red of love, the black of power, the yellow of the Sun (but never the harsh one. Or that of bananas), the pink covers of my notebooks ;), etc...

Pssst... Some element of pink and purple will always be on my blogs. I can't just do without them! Though, I changed the template of my other (personal) blog to something blue very recently, it was always something pink before. I've still added a few pinkish/purplish things there, though. ;)

That's what colors I usually like and what I found out it might say about my personality. 

Coming to books, the first one that came to mind was 'Pink or Black' by Tishaa Khosla. It's a high school story about a girl who's decided to understand herself deeply, though she's confused over her favorite color. She likes both, Pink and Black, but doesn't understand why. Her Mother explains something to her that I just loved! It's this: 'That is because our favorite colors have something to do with our personalities too. Pink is just one side of your personality, the side which loves life and wants to live it happily. Black is the other side of you, the stronger side which gives you hope and strength to see you through rough patches. There are so many beautiful colors, why choose only one as your favorite?'

There is this 'TRUECOLORS' series by author Melody Carlson. They're all teenage, high school stories and I've only ever read Harsh Pink- Color me Burned, which was an enjoyable read. I mean, the ones we usually read as teens. I've got 'Deep Green- Color me Jealous' too but I haven't read it yet. The stories are titled according to what the plot is all about, so it's kind of interesting. 

Though I don't have much to say about it, I recently got "The story of my life" by Hellen Keller. I guess reading about how life would have been for her when she couldn't see colors (well, couldn't see anything), it'd really give me a different perspective on things. I haven't read it yet, either.

And.... it's not very related to the topic but I'm just getting many thoughts about anything related with colors and there's a non-fiction book by Sonal Kalra, Editor, HT City, Hindustan Times, titled, A Calmer You. It's a collection of her weekly articles on calmness. Once somebody posted on her FB page asking why's the cover the way it is, and what does it signify. I was all, "Hey.. because it's blue and blue is the color of calmness! Duh!" Errr... that's it. :P 

Oh yeah, the references:

Is it evident from this post that I'm in a kinda funny mood? Sorry about that! I'm just feeling giddy, what with *new* college beginning ten days from now and I don't want to go too soon and I've got so much more *fun* things on my list I still haven't done!


  1. After reading this, all I feel like saying is, it's wonderful knowing you Ashna! In this tough and oppressed world, where people shift themselves, you're still the one who wants to live the way you want. :)

    Stay the same.
    Leo says, I don't know what prompted the above. Guess I was trying to find myself or exemplifying you to me!

    1. Hey! You know what I like best? That your comment was unexpected and I so loved it! I guess you should always be what you want to be. That's the only way you could be true to yourself and why shouldn't we be? :)

  2. We all see our lives and the things around us through our favourite colour panes, and that's how its unique for all of us. It was good to know your pane of life. :)

    Your photo signature looks A-ma-zing. How did you make it. You can choose not to tell by the way, if its a secret recipe. ;)

    1. Love your first line so much! Never thought of that before... I guess it's true, just like every one cannot read the same book in the same way, each one looks at things differently. :)

      And of course I can tell you. Kathe (Good Lit and Green Tea) was kind enough to tell me and I love it! I used, the express version. It's possible to make almost anything and I feel it's fantastic! Let me know if you use it and like it! :)

  3. Pink reminds me of movie Pink Panther :)).

    Thanks for visiting the blog. Hope to see you around.

  4. Hmm, my favourite colours are Black and Blood Red (not just any old shade). I wonder what that says about me ...

    1. That's interesting. Black- elegance and power. Red- love and strong emotions :)

  5. Yay for pink! It's such a beautiful colour. Personally, I think what a colour means to YOU is much more important than what google says it means - although it can be fun to research it and say "yep, I'm exactly/a bit/not at all like that!"
    And I completely agree with your comment "I love colour everywhere" - the world is so much richer and more wonderful for having so many colours.

    1. Loved what you said about what colour means to us is more important. I guess I'll start thinking about it that way. :)
      Thank youuu :D

  6. Hi, I tagged you for the Liebster Blog Award! Go on to the following link for more info:

  7. Hey Ashna, lovely post about colors, I enjoyed reading it. I think I am more of a purple and black and my daughter is like you pretty pink every where..from her bedroom to her jackets to her shoes and with lots of glitter and sparkle thrown in. However I have always observed that I also wear a lot of Nude/Caramel colors in clothes and make-up and shoes, I wonder if it means I am super boring...hehehe. Anyway your post has prompted me to investigate the color theory.

    1. I can almost imagine how your daughter would be! :D I don't think nude colors would make you boring! :P Thank you for reading and for the comment :)


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