The Princess Diaries # 1

Written by: Meg Cabot
Price: Rs. 250
Publisher: Macmillan UK

I don't think this book needs any introduction, if you are a cool teen, who loves girly, princessy stories. If not, then I think you deserve at least one good kick! The first book of the Princess Diaries series, this is a fantastic story told in a 'Diary' kind of way. I admit I first saw the movies and TOTALLY loved them! Then I came across these books at the World Book Fair (Delhi), read and loved them instantly!

This is the story of Amelia Thermopolis (call her Mia, or get on her hate list), a fourteen year old teenager living with her Mom in New York, attending Albert Einstein High School. Her life is already full of teenage woes, what with her dissatisfaction with her looks- her incredible height, long feet, hair that refuse to turn smooth and shine, her mother going out with her Algebra teacher (at which she's already flunking!), dealing with bullies like Lana Weinberger (cheerleader) and other similar stuff. Then one day her Dad (who lives in Genovia) comes up to "talk" to her about something. 

This is when Mia comes to know that she's actually a PRINCESS! Of a small principality, Genovia! Her Dad is the Crown Prince and her Grandmere (French, totally!) a queen! She's dumbstruck and so NOT happy with the news. What's going to happen to her now? Then comes the worse part. Her Grandmere (whom Mia doesn't like very much) would be in town to take her 'Princess Lessons'. She even gets Mia to undergo a makeover!! Mia tries to hide this 'fact' from everyone, including her Best friend, Lilly Moscovitz (someone with an extremely high IQ and who has her own cable access TV show, Lilly tells it like it is). 

BUT her Grandmere isn't going to take things this way. She somehow leaks information to the media about Mia because 'a princess must know how to handle publicity'. This brings another turn of events, when everyone in school starts noticing her and tries to be friends. She gets into an argument with Lilly and they don't talk for a long while. She makes a new friend Tina Hakim Baba, daughter of a rich Arab man and they get along pretty well. She's also taking help in Algebra from Michael, Lilly's brother (whom she secretly likes since forever!). In the midst of all this, she gets invited to the annual Cultural Diversity Dance by none other than the most popular guy in School, Josh Ritcher (a jock, and according to me, a total jerk too). 

It is at the dance that she comes to know that Josh is only trying to get publicity for himself, and this is when Lilly comes up to her aid. They become best friends again! The book ends with Mia and her family, peacefully watching a rare sunset sight in New York and envisioning the future. What will it be like? Mia will be trained to rule a small country!

What's special
Everything??? The best part is that it's so unique! Pure 'Meg Cabot' style- conversational, funny and absolutely wonderful; written in a diary format, so that the readers feel that it's Mia's personal diary that they're reading. The story emanates a sense of being connected, with the book, with Mia and her life. It talks of friendship, of the quarrels and misunderstandings that generally happen, of love, of happiness and family. Meaningful and enjoyable. :)


  1. Oh I soooooo sooooo loved these books I cannot tell you. I watched the movie also so many times it is too damn cute a thing.. though a confession I am not in my teens :P

    1. Haha!! I read these in my late teens. Meg Cabot books, all of them, are just so cute! I love them! :D


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